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Puddle Table: A Collaboration with Jessie French

In 'Circular', Daniel Boddam’s reimagined furniture pieces explore the transformational potential of waste materials gleaned from construction sites and the fashion industry. Boddam finds beauty in the remnants, repurposing them into refined sculptural and functional objects. Here, we see a glimpse behind the scenes into the collaboration with artist Jessie French and the limited-edition Puddle Table.

Puddle Table: A Collaboration with Jessie French
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Daniel Boddam has long been inspired by the forms and processes of nature and was inevitably drawn to Jessie French and her innovative work with renewable marine algae, as well as her unwavering commitment to circular and renewable processes.

For the new limited edition Puddle Table, Boddam drew inspiration from the water-based process French has developed in her painterly transmutation of algae. French’s luminous poured surface is held under glass and set within a refined curvilinear form made from recycled aluminium. The final effect is like looking across a puddle of water – its colourful, translucent surface flowing in arrested motion. The two tables can exist as their own distinct sculptural forms or nested together where the side table cantilevers over the coffee table in sweeping curves.

'Circular' also presents two luminous framed works by Jessie French 'Tidal Lullaby' and 'Life from Deep'. They are the culmination of years of dedicated research and collaboration between artist and scientists and conservators worldwide, including invaluable guidance from conservation scientists at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Utilising an innovative method that transforms a typically temporary algae-based non-petrochemical plastic into a permanent state, these works underscore the connection between ancient life forms and the ongoing impact of those primordial forces on our modern world.

Together, the works in 'Circular' find their form in the discards (circling back) or renewable materials (circling forward), offering a unique commentary on the larger impact of design and matter.

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