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Care Instructions



The material is susceptible to imperfections and discolouring due to oxidation. Each time metalwork is finished it can deviate from the approved material sample slightly as this is an organic material. When receiving brass products, they need to be handled carefully. The natural oils and lotions from fingertips can leave a mark on brass works. Clean with a soft white cloth.


Our timber is finished using Osmo Oil or a waterborne polyurethane. Timber is a natural material and the colour of the wood itself varies with each batch. For applied finishes such as smoked, limed and black staining, the colours may very slightly from the approved samples. Dust with a soft, clean cloth slightly moistened with water and dry completely with a second clean cloth, always wiping with the grain. Avoid harsh cleaners.

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight to prevent bleaching, discolouration, or dying of coated surfaces.


Travertine is classed as a soft stone. It is not recommended to lift the dining table with the top attached to the base as this can cause movement and cracks to occur in the stone. The base needs to be placed in the desired location and the table top lowered into position. Should you need to move the table, the top needs to be dismantled from the base and moved separately.

Should a crack occur in the stone, this can be filled by our stonemasons in situ on site. Seams are a natural part of the stone.

Marble is a stronger material than travertine, however we would also recommend following the above instructions for handling.

All stone pieces are honed and sealed. Travertine has the option of being honed and filled if preferred. We do not recommend the use of acidic sprays or oils.


Concrete is an extremely durable and practical material that's easy to maintain. Concrete will naturally age and patina over time. This is normal.

We recommend the use of a warm damp cloth for cleaning. You can also use mild detergent, but it is not necessary. It is best to avoid cleaning with overly harsh chemical cleaners or with anything abrasive which can dull the surface. We also recommend against any vigorous scrubbing, as to do so could compromise the sealant.

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