Daniel Boddam


Debuting at Melbourne Design Week 2024, Daniel Boddam’s fascination with nature continues in his collaboration with artist Jessie French, whose painterly explorations with renewable marine algae offer the potential for a post-petrochemical world.

For the Puddle Table, Daniel Boddam drew direct inspiration from the water-based process French has developed in her painterly transmutation of algae. French’s luminous poured surface is held under glass and set within a refined curvilinear form made from recycled aluminium. The final effect is like looking across a puddle of water – its colourful, translucent surface flowing in arrested motion.

The two tables can exist as their own distinct sculptural forms or nested together where the side table cantilevers over the coffee table in sweeping curves.

Limited edition 1/5.



Aluminium, glass.



Daniel Boddam
Each table encases the algae artworks in glass and sets them within a curvilinear shroud of recycled aluminium, creating the illusion of water puddles. The tables are designed to nest together, with an elliptical side table that cantilevers over the coffee table, offering a dynamic and changeable fluidity of form.
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