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Material Perpetuity: Pebble Dining Table and Hall Stand

'Circular', an exhibition curated by Daniel Boddam, forms part of Melbourne Design Week – Australia’s largest and leading annual design festival. The program explores the theme ‘design the world you want,’ and prompts the design community to reimagine existing systems and offer innovative design solutions to complex global challenges.

'Circular' meditates on this theme, transforming Daniel Boddam’s Melbourne Gallery with limited edition furniture pieces and artworks by Jessie French and Jamie North [The Renshaws]. Here we see the making of the newly released Pebble Dining Table and Hall Stand.

Material Perpetuity: Pebble Dining Table and Hall Stand
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In 'Circular', Daniel Boddam’s Pebble Dining Table and Hall Stand gives new life to reclaimed Oregon boards – a depleted material once favoured in construction. Richly hued and with a distinctive grain, the table’s Oregon top embraces a soft, pebble-like silhouette with gracefully tapered edges – a playful ode to nature’s organic contours.

Supported by prototypic concrete legs, up-cycled from a previous project, the series celebrates material perpetuity. A striking feature is the table’s vertical support, which ascends through the tabletop to highlight the timber's captivating end grain and the story it carries within its rings.

'Circular' is now on view
Melbourne Design Week 2024
23 May - 28 June 2024

Daniel Boddam Gallery
46 Smith St
Collingwood, VIC

Pictured:Daniel Boddam visiting his boutique manufacturer
Pictured:Pebble Dining Table [Detail of the vertical support's end grain]
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